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About us

“Manufacturing giving customer’s satisfaction”

This is our vision we valued mostly since 1919 establishment.

Our company, started from manufacturing of spinning machine before World War Ⅱ and entered into automotive accessories after World WarⅡ,has been developing with the expansion of motorization.

From now on, we’ll give it very best to spread EV products like electric scooter looking at environmental free next society.

“Manufacturing giving customer’s satisfaction” is our vision we never change if product is changed with the times.

From now on, we also strive for aiming at the company contributing to society.

The company began business as Takehara Kikai Seisakusho after the end of WWII, shifted the business to the manufacture and sale of industrial machinery and equipment, and contributed to the recovery and growth of domestic industry after the war. We also found a new market in motorization that showed significant growth. By 1968, the company established an automobile parts business department and commenced research and development of automobile equipment. Kiiro-Bin, an oil film remover for automobile windows is a long selling product that was developed at about this time. In an age where the increase in the number of automobiles led to an increase in dangerous car accidents, removal of oil film on glass had become a solution to low visibility problems. The entire sales staff put its full effort into demonstrations for sales, which led to an increase in customers and later expanded the market nationwide.
The current representative director of Prozza is Norizo Hirose, and he was one of the sales team that traveled around Japan. He looks back at those days: “We visited gasoline stations with glass plates stained with oil film and Kiiro-Bin, and demonstrated how our product is able to remove oil film that products from other companies couldn’t. Kiiro-Bin had been a product manufactured by a company that they never heard of, and in the beginning we were shunned. We had, however, a strong passion to convey that use of this product could protect drivers from unfortunate accidents. Our passion to contribute to the safety of drivers supported our effort.” Creating products appreciated by customers is our ongoing mission, and the pride that enabled us to develop 1,000 items at production centers spread worldwide and sent them out to the automotive aftermarket.
And our pride is handed down to younger employees as DNA for manufacturing, product development and strict quality control that will not disappoint customer expectations. We are confident that this is the key to finding new markets.