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Prostaff CC Water Gold Premier 300 ml EN

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The time you spend with CC Water Gold Premier will be a moment to contemplate that shine for you.

You don’t have much free time and you can’t afford to put in a lot of effort to care for your beloved car, but still want it to always look its best and shine even more beautiful than after applying the coating in a professional salon? Such demanding customers should try our CC Water Gold Premier. It is a product the use of which will satisfy not only fans of the CC Water Gold line, but also people who use these cosmetics for the first time.

When developing CC Water Gold Premier, we did not spare rinse aid ingredients and we have made every effort to ensure a balance between the hydrophobic effect and comfort of use. Additionally, compared to previous products, we used more premium ingredients for a deep, glass effect, resulting in a spray coating that provides a shine stronger than professional treatments.

The new blend of resin that guarantees durability has significantly improved the water repellency and durability, thanks to which our product provides shine and water resistance for much longer than its predecessors. CC Water Gold Premier is a cosmetic that allows you to achieve shine and water resistance better than after visiting a professional salon, all in the form of a simple spray. Thanks to this, it can be used not only on holidays, but also to take advantage of the time while traveling.

With each application the car will shine even more. CC Water Gold Premier continues the tradition of ease of use that characterized its predecessors. No matter if the car body is still wet after washing, or dry – just spray the spray and wipe to apply the coating.

Capacity: 300 ml