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How to remove smudges on windows while driving

How to remove  smudges on windows while driving

Good visibility equals safe driving

Did you know that the main cause of poor visibility is an oil film build-up?

Oil, such as asphalt and car wax, adheres to the glass and forms an oil film.
When the oil film is heated by sunlight and burned, it changes into a stronger movie. We cannot clean it with traditional window cleaners

How is an oil film made?

Smudges on the windows while driving. How to remove the invisible windshield wiper?

You must have encountered streaks on the windows, which are the most visible during the evening driving. This is due to the build-up of a large amount of sludge, dirt and an oily film that you cannot remove with regular glass cleaner. You need our product KiiroBin Window Cleaner here.

How is KiiroBin Window Cleaner different from KiiroBin Window Cleaner Gold ?

KiiroBin Gold is an improved version of KiiroBin. If your windows require deep cleaning, choose KiiroBin Gold

How to work with KiiroBin on glass

The product comes with an applicator that is used to apply the product. The product can be used on dry and wet glass. It is important that the glass is clean before work. If there are small grains of sand, we can scratch the glass.

1. After removing the dust and dirt from the glass surface, soak the sponge in a little water and apply the product to the yellow surface of the applicator

2. Press down on the glass surface and wipe 15 cm square up, down, left and right. Sprinkle a little water before use.

3. Rub in until the liquid does not repel the water. Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and wipe with a clean damp towel.
You will see the glass tiling effect

Over 45 years of KiiroBin tradition

In fact, the first Kiirobin was released over 45 years ago. This product has been developed to eliminate poor visibility of drivers and eliminate rainy day road accidents caused by an accident caused by former president Takeshi Hirose on a rainy day. KiiroBin spread throughout the country following a recommendation by the Pan-Japanese Road Safety Association in 1976. Since then, Kiirobin Gold has been constantly improving to facilitate and accelerate the removal of the oil film. In recent years, for the third year in a row, it won the window care oil film removal category at the Minkara POTY (Parts of the Year) fair and was highly rated for its introduction to the Hall of Fame in 2020.





Prostaff KiiroBin Gold 200g

Prostaff KiiroBin Gold 200g

10,42 € incl. VAT/1szt.Lowest price in 30 days before discount 10,42 €/1szt.Regular price 10,97 € incl. VAT/1szt.
Prostaff KiiroBin Window Cleaner 100g

Prostaff KiiroBin Window Cleaner 100g

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